Penny Most

Joe Most

Joe Most began his passion for horses at a very young age.  

Like many young men, Joe began riding rough stock and traveling to rodeos. He then met a neighbor that had been classically trained in dressage. She had taken an interest in Joe and began adding some refinement in his riding skills.

Later, Joe went on to work with old horseman learning skills of southwest reins men and mentored with several accomplished horsemen. Joe worked on several different Thoroughbred breeding farms, handling breeding stallions and went on to professionally haul Thoroughbreds to and from race tracks along the East Coast.Following his interest in becoming a farrier, Joe attended and graduated from the Oklahoma School of Horse Shoeing and has spent many years as a successful farrier.
Over the years Joe has studied with many masters in the horse industry and credits them to his success. Joe has been training, showing and winning many year end events and championship titles. The American Quarter Horse has always been Joe’s favorite breed, focusing on cattle events and performance classes. Joe's current mount "Tuff" is the 2013 NCHC Extreme Trail Horse Champion.

Joe's involvement in the horse industry for over 30 years has made him one of the best in his field. His teachings on equine posture and the effects it can have on a horse and its performance has empowered horse owners to improve their overall horsemanship skills and enabled them to build that perfect partnership with their horse(s).
Joe and his wife Penny currently are the owners of Most Quarter Horses conveniently located at the southern Virginia & northern North Carolina border. Their small breeding operation boasts a versatile group of Quarter Horses from dressage champions to equine reality television stars.

Regardless of breed or discipline it’s all about the horse for Joe and his training program.

Penny Most was fortunate to have been born into a horse family. She was riding a horse before she could walk. Growing up with horses and riding her whole life is where her passion for the Horse comes from. Starting her first horse at the age of 12 was just the beginning of a lifetime of owning, showing, breeding and training her own horses.

Over the years, Penny has successfully shown a variety of different breeds and disciplines. From gaited horses to western pleasure, showmanship and even working cattle, she has never shied away from an opportunity to ride. Along with her desire to show also came the love of trail riding. All of Penny's show horses were very familiar with trail riding as a way to get them out of the show ring and to relax.

In 1995, Penny began hosting equine events. Horse shows and trail ride weekends led to horsemanship clinics in 2003. Trail Challenge events were added in 2011 with a Guinness World Record setting trail challenge event that year.  

With hosting events and then traveling to such wonderful locations to trail ride is how the Equine Excursions and Retreats were born. Penny wanted to share opportunities for others to enjoy fantastic locations with their horses while knowing they have a support team along with them. She has found that Inspiration, education and relaxation adds up to an enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.

For the last 15 years Penny along with her husband Joe have focused on educating themselves about the horse. They have dedicated their time to understanding how a horse thinks, feels and communicates as well as how they move and what affects movement. Gaining all of this additional understanding of the horse along with their already many years of education has enabled them to be able to look at things from the horse’s point of view. 

They have also spent many hours learning how to teach horsemanship. It is one thing to know how to do it yourself, but it is a completely different element to be able to teach someone else. Joe and Penny both take pride in making horsemanship simple for everyone. Their goal at their events is for you to find your Perfect Partner in your horse!