Perfect Partners Equine (PPE) can help you to live the dream with your horse. Joe and Penny Most have dedicated their lives to learning about the horse. They have also devoted themselves to understanding how to teach others to effectively communicate, understand and enjoy their horses. They have won the buckles and the ribbons, but the biggest reward is sharing their knowledge with others.

Fact is, there are many proven, successful methods to train horses in a non-stressful and respectful way. Because we are experienced in all areas of the equine world, we have been able to study these methods and have developed an open minded approach to training horses, based on individual needs or circumstances. We believe that horses are a lot like people in that they are all different in how they learn new things, based on their abilities, their personalities and temperament. We take all of these factors into consideration which allows us to develop a plan that requires the least amount of pressure to achieve desired results. 

During our clinics, we intentionally create a teamwork oriented atmosphere where participants can enjoy working with different equine professionals throughout the clinic. Participants are able to draw from many resources with the goal of embracing what’s best for horse and rider. At PPE we believe that horse training does not have to be a puzzle. Great things can happen when all the pieces fall into place.  

Our excursions have become increasingly popular, providing many horse owners the opportunity to embark on the trip of a lifetime with their horse(s) and create countless memories along the way. 

Please visit our CLINICS & EXCURSIONS page to check out our upcoming events. All breeds, skill levels and disciplines welcome! 

Make YOUR horse the perfect partner.

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